Physical Equilibrium is New York City's premier fitness boutique and wellness concierge offering personal training, nutrition, triathlon and run coaching, post-rehabilitation and therapeutic services. We see clients at our midtown Manhattan studio, where we also offer a variety of post-rehab safe group fitness classes including Pilates, Yoga, strength and conditioning, and more. Our trainers can also see you in your home or office, and in the Hamptons during the summer. Our goal is to help clients reach their health and fitness goals whether that be crossing a finish line, shedding pounds, restoring strength, or leaning out. We work closely with your doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals to bridge the gap between therapy and active lifestyle.

Class Schedule

12pm   Align Movement with Carla
6:30pm   PE Strength with Julia

12pm   Alignment-based Vinyasa with Rachel
1:30   Pilates Mat with Cherry
6:30   Living Dance: Enliven with Christina

7:30am   Vinyasa Yoga with Liz
9:30am   MultiPhyT Strength with Brandon
10:30am   Vinyasa Yoga with Liz
6:15pm   Prenatal Fitness with Sara

7:30am   Pilates Mat with Cherry
10am   PE Open Yoga with Dee
12:30pm   PE Strength with Julia
6:30pm   Shadowbox Conditioning with Eve

8:30am   Living Dance: Enliven with Christina
10am   Vinyasa Yoga with Liz
1:30pm   Alignment-based Yoga with Rachel

10am   MultiPhyT Strength with Brandon
2pm   Pilates Mat with Cherry

10am MultiPhyT Strength with Brandon


  • Personal training
  • Diet management
  • Sports nutrition
  • Post rehab
  • Triathlon & run coaching
  • Outdoor workouts
  • Family fitness
  • And more!


Our trainers have a range of specialties from endurance sport training to post rehab to strength training (and much more). We use proven safe and effective techniques, not "fads" or "trends," to help you reach your goals.


Join us for a comprehensive variety of classes, all safe for our post rehab clients. Pilates, yoga, dance, martial arts, barre, and much more.

"Sara Dimmick and Sarah Currie, my Physical Equilibrium personal trainers, completely changed the way I think about exercise and nutrition. What I thought would be preparing for a 200 mile cycling weekend with my family turned into a complete lifestyle change and a 25 pound weight loss! Without their guidance and support, I would not have been able to achieve the strength, flexibility and endurance levels that I did."

Richard Raker
Sports Nutrition Client
Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology at New York Presbyterian Hospital