Doctors and Physical Therpaists

Dr. Henry Lodge
Internal Medicine and Author of Bestselling "Younger Next Year"

Dr. Elise Weiss
Non-Surgical Pain Relief & Sports Medicine

Dr. Jordan Metzl
Sports Medicine Physician at Hospital for Special Surgery

Dr. Louis Aronne
Director of Comprehensive Weight Control Program (Diabetes & Obseity)

Dr. Judith Brisman
Psychologist & Eating Disorder Specialist

Midtown Physical Therapy

Cynergy Physical Therapy

Athalon Physical Therapy

Mt. Sinai Sports Therapy Center

Sports Nutrition

INFINIT Nutrition
Custom Blended Nutrition Supplements 

Acupuncture & Massage

Ryan Patterson

Alissa Mazer


XTERRA Wetsuits

JackRabbit Sports

Lululemon Athletica

Signature Cycles

Performance Testing

Mikael Hanson
Lactate Threshold
Bike Fits