My wife and I started working with Sarah in early February 2017 because we wanted to improve our eating habits and lose weight. As new parents we found it hard, especially because we were so tired. She educated us about having a more balanced diet, how to make better decisions, and gave us a very doable meal plan that was tailored to our hectic life, work and parenting schedule. I definitely lost weight this way but when I hit a plateau, Sarah tested my resting metabolic rate so I knew my exact calorie budget. I learned I was still over eating and once I stuck to my budget, I lost even more weight! Between February 2017 and April 2018 I went from 205 lbs. to 170 lbs.! My body fat percentage went down and my muscle mass went up.

Simultaneously I wanted to work out hard but was having a shoulder issue. I couldn’t box or do yoga without pain. I started training with Sarah at the end of February 2017 and haven’t looked back. She taught me how to safely strengthen my shoulder and progressed me to the point where I was bench pressing and doing pull-ups. She also fixed my squat and dead lift form. Additionally, I worked with a Physical Therapist whom she recommended so between the strength training and PT I was able to return to full functionality! I entered broken and I feel whole now. I wanted to improve my physical fitness safely and effectively so I could engage in competitive pursuits again. I wanted results, namely strength increases, balanced muscle development, and posture improvement. My ultimate goal was a great foundation for life long fitness so I would not repeat the train of injuries I walked in with. I got everything I wanted and more. Working with Sarah and her team at PE has been great! Sarah has been patient and empathetic, pushing me to limits I didn’t know I could get to. I started as a post rehab training client but am now considered a “normal” training client - haha! I am currently training with another PE trainer, Cody, and we are continuing to refine my core lifts as well as doing more performance based moves. I would highly recommend Physical Equilibrium to anyone who wants to safely and effectively improve their health and fitness! 

Vikas Kalra
PE client since February 2017

"The several years that I worked in the city, I trained with Sara twice a week to stay strong and flexible so that I could continue to do the things I love like play soccer with my kids and go on active vacations with my family. I have had some injuries in the past and Sara made sure that we are doing safe, effective exercises that target those weaknesses. I had a very hectic schedule, but I made sure to stick to my appointments because we got so much accomplished and I felt so much better after my appointments with Sara."

Hannah Storm
Personal Training Client
ESPN SportsCenter Anchor


"The diverse background Sara has from her professional dancing, to her fitness knowledge, and her triathlon coaching makes her an exceptional trainer. She understands what clients need and takes the time to develop individual programs that suit their special situations. Her philosophy of combining cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility conditioning to progress the client towards a balanced and healthy body is one that I can recommend."

Dr. Harry Lodge
Personal Training Client & Referral Partner
Physician and Medical Faculty at Columbia University
Author of "Younger Next Year"

"Working with Physical Equilibrium was the best thing I did to prepare for my first Ironman triathlon.  Sara Dimmick kept me on a schedule that I could easily follow, and prevented me from over doing it.  I learned a lot from the training, including the importance of integrating bricks for successful bike-to-run transitions.  I look forward to working with Physical Equilibrium in the future, including preparing for my next Ironman."

Christopher Shardlow
Triathlon Coaching Client/Long Distance Training
Foster, Rhode Island

Dean Siedlecki.jpg

"I have been training for and racing in triathlons since 1986, completed 120 triathlons over 27 years, including 2 ironman distance races. With all this experience, I thought I knew a lot about triathlon training. Then I found Physical Equilibrium and Sara Dimmick, whose daily hands on training has helped me attain my highest USA Triathlon ranking ever! I highly recommend engaging Sara, without reservation."

Dean Siedlecki
Triathlon Coaching Client

"Sara Dimmick and Sarah Currie, my Physical Equilibrium personal trainers, completely changed the way I think about exercise and nutrition. What I thought would be preparing for a 200 mile cycling weekend with my family turned into a complete lifestyle change and a 25 pound weight loss! Without their guidance and support, I would not have been able to achieve the strength, flexibility and endurance levels that I did."

Richard Raker
Sports Nutrition Client
Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology at New York Presbyterian Hospital

"I always look forward to my training sessions with the PE trainers (and I've worked out with six of them!). They are fun, challenging and keep me on my toes. During my pregnancy the trainers that I worked with continued to challenge me while being extremely mindful of my (and the baby's) safety, and they focused on nutrition and strengthening the muscle groups I would need during and post pregnancy. And now, four months post-pregnancy, thanks to the trainers at PE, I am below my pre-pregnancy weight!"

Elizabeth Veit Osborne
Pre/Post Natal Client
Corporate Finance Attorney

"I have been training with Sara twice a week for about 6 months. In that time I have seen dramatic changes in my strength, flexibility, and body contours. Sara has a dancer's sense of ergonomics, and understands movement better than any other trainer I know. Her concentrations on the precision of each exercise, as well as, its work output make for effective and safe workouts. She has an intuitive sense of how much to demand of me and when to back off. She varies the workouts so effectively that I am never bored. She is consistently cheerful and upbeat. I recommend Sara enthusiastically to anyone who is willing to work out to the limits of their capacity under the supervision of a master trainer."

Dr. Marc L. Spero
Personal Training Client
Internal and Pulmonary Medicine

"I have been training with Sara for almost three years and find myself in the best shape ever. Having chronic lower back pain and a surgically repaired knee encouraged me to find an experienced trainer who would focus on strengthening and toning these areas. With this additional workout supplementing my jazz dance classes, I can dance without worry. Thank you, Sara"

Michele Ruggieri
Executive Director, Sales Promotion and Administration

"My whole fitness level changed after I met Sara. I had really gotten out of shape, and was having trouble motivating myself to work hard at the gym - it was so boring. But Sara changed all that, giving me challenging workouts that improved not only my weaknesses, but also what I thought were my strengths. She helped me trim down considerably, turning fat into muscle, and also losing weight. My softball game reached new heights! When I injured my shoulder, and later my knee, she took great care to work with and around those injuries, helping me keep up my fitness level and also get better faster. she's a taskmaster, but in a good way, pushing you to get the most out of your time in the gym, and inspiring you to work harder on the days when you're alone. Plus, she's fun to be around."

Michael Bass
Personal Training Client
Executive Television Producer
NBC News

"Sara is nothing but amazing. I have been working out with Sara now for about 4 1/2 years. Before, I had never worked out in my life and have never been an athletic person (I'm still not), but Sara has slowly built up my confidence, endurance and "skills". She also quickly realized how lazy I am and that I have a severe lack of self discipline - however, she did notice my competitive streak. Based on this, Sara started to come up with competitions and challenges for me, which really works and keeps me going. Because I lost my last challenge (by 3 points!), my "punishment" was to complete a road race. I just completed a 14 week training program which culminated in a 5K race. I have never run before this! Well now I do…and I just set a personal best in the race! In addition to "going the extra mile" and being creative, she is very knowledgeable."

Maud Pansing
Run Coaching & Personal Training Client
Vice President, Global Cosmetics Artistry

"I started training with Sara as a sort of 'lapsed-athlete', thinking I would have her help me get back into a fitness routine that I could do on my own. Instead, I have been training with her regularly for more than two years now. I love that she's always changing things up and throwing new challenges at me as soon as I actually start get good at something. She is also great about introducing her clients to new activities whether it's yoga, gyrotonics, hiking, training for triathlons or recommending a great massage therapist. I think I'd be willing to give up food before I would give up my workouts with Sara."

Trudy Cass
Outdoor Workout Class Participant & Personal Training Client
Executive Recruiter

"Before I started working out with Sara, I was holding on to vivid memories of being the last kid chosen in gym class. And I was absolutely CONVINCED that if there was one thing my body was incapable of doing, it was running. But Sara has given me the confidence and the skills to do so many things I never thought I could - I'm up to running over 3 miles and even have my sights set on doing some 5K's! And I've lost 6 inches from my stomach in the process! She has a wonderful way of encouraging me to push my limits, without ever making me feel discouraged. I treated my Mom to a session with Sara for her birthday, and now she's a fan, too!"

Joanne Harpel
Post Rehabilitation Personal Training & Run Coaching Client
Director of Survivor Initiatives
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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